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Several factors may be causing uneven temperature, which includes poor window sealing, faulty insulation, dirty filters, and many more.

For best results, contact our pros at Environmental Heating and Cooling. We will assess and diagnose your space to help you address your comfort problem.

If you plan to install a new A/C, you may think that having a bigger unit is better. However, this is not true in this case. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, having an oversized unit that’s not proportional to the room it’s supposed to cool will present several problems. This includes short cycles and high energy consumption.


So, be sure to contact Environmental Heating and Cooling to assist you in choosing the best cooling system for your home or office.

Choosing between an air conditioner and a heat pump will depend on your location and the heating system you use in your home or office. If your property utilizes electricity, a heat pump is a great option. In addition, heat pumps are also a great solution for areas that don’t see extreme winters.


However, keep in mind that heat pumps can be utilized in any environment. Like an A/C unit, it can operate with a gas furnace for great heating power, especially in winter.